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Loud or Quiet is a brutal top down shooter set in a fictional 90's America. After losing your job, your plan to rob your workplace goes drastically wrong when you are dragged into a life of crime by a mysterious woman who is not who she seems.

Work your way through 25 levels, stealing objects to earn money and purchase new weapons with anything from silenced covert pistols to rocket launchers being available to you. The game has over 18 different weapons to tailor to your playstyle. Will you be a ghost only killing when absolutely necessary? Or will you embrace your bloodlust and leave nothing but corpses in your wake.

In addition to story mode there are two other game modes, Arcade Mode is where you are dropped into a level and have to complete a number of objectives before a time reaches zero and escape. Should the timer reach zero an insurmountable number of enemies will come to try and stop you. The second mode is Apocalypse mode which is set in an alternate universe and tells the story of how a bad job almost destroys the world. These modes will receive three free updates over the next year adding new weapons and levels.

Full game available here.

Download the soundtrack here.

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Install instructions - Just extract and run.

Install instructions

Just download,extract and run.


Loud or Quiet Demo Mac 145 MB
Loud or Quiet Demo Windows 131 MB

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How can I download the demo?

Hi, the download has ben re enabled.

Cool! Thx!