Loud or Quiet 1.7 Release!

Hey Everyone,

So this months update is mainly focused around arcade mode. Initialy Loud or Quiet started life as a small, one level prototype where the player had multiple targets to rob whilst avoiding gangsters, cops etc. The new Arcade mode does pretty much the same but to a higher quality and with more content.

Also are a fair few bug fixes and optimisations aswell as some balancing & sound effects being added (Full details below)

For the work in June I'm going to focus on more story missions (You won't be able to play these unless you buy the game when its released sometime towards the end of this year), you'll be able to see update videos on my You Tube at (https://www.youtube.com/channe...)


Update 1.7 Patch Notes:

  • Added Arcade Mode - Smugglers Falls
  • Fixed a number of bugs & poorly optimised code
  • Added Desktop Icon
  • Added ability to pick up weapons in level
  • Using first aid and painkillers now has a sound effect
  • Molotovs shattering has a sound effect
  • Players start the game with molotovs
  • Added level transition indicators to the FBI level
  • Added FPS display (Enable in options menu)


Loud or Quiet - Windows V1.7 118 MB
May 30, 2017
Loud or Quiet - Mac V1.7 132 MB
May 30, 2017

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