Loud or Quiet 1.8 Release

Update 1.8:

  • Added three new levels (Vinnie the snitch, the fortress, the museum)
  • Added doors
  • Added new sound effects for pistols & the MG
  • Added new music
  • Edited some existing sprites
  • Misc bug fixes & performance increases

This months update was mainly focused around adding some new content to the game with the three levels that are available in the alpha and a couple more that are not.

Over the next month I'll be working on a load of small things that I think can be improved and changing some of the mechanics of the game so they play better.


Loud or Quiet - Windows V1.8 134 MB
Jul 01, 2017
Loud or Quiet - Mac V1.8 148 MB
Jul 01, 2017

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